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The motorcycles are separated into fifteen categories. Each bike beolongs to one category, no more, no less. The world is not black or white though, nor are motorcycles and some bikes could be fitted into two (or sometimes more) categories. However, in those situations the bike is fitted to the category wich fit it the very most.

When you are located on bikes.aspx and click on a bike you will be redirected to another page; bikeDetails.aspx. On that page, to the right, you will see a list of the most similar bikes.

Below follows a brief description of each category.

The main focus for the bikes in the Supersports-category is to perform well on the race track. The handlebars are situated low, the footpegs are placed high up to ensure good control and good ground clearance on the race-track. Together with a light and nimble chassis and a strong, high revving engine, they are built to lap around race-tracks as fast as possible.

Examples of bikes in this category are Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSX-R and Ducati Panigale.

Yamaha YZF-R1

This is the broadest category. What the bikes in this category have in common is that they have a fairing and that they are intended to be used on public roads.

Bikes in this category includes, amongst others, Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda VFR 800 and Honda goldwing.

Honda VFR 800 F

The bikes in the Naked category has the same intended use as the Sport/Touring/Street-category, the difference is that the bikes in the Naked-category doesn't have a fairing.

Examples of motorcycles in this category are Honda CB 1000R, Ducati Monster and Triumph Street Triple.

Triumph Street triple

The motorcycles in the category Offroad/Allroad are built to work on both paved roads as well as dirt roads.

This is a broad category, including bikes like Ducati Multistrada, Honda Africa Twin as well as KTM 690R.

KTM 690 Enduro R

This categorys biggest name is without any doubt Harley-Davidson. The bikes in this category has a relaxed (and bossy) attitude and riding position.

Exampel of bikes in this category are all Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki Vulcan, Suzuki Intruder, Ducati Diavel and Boss Hoss.


The bikes in the Retro-category have got their design inspired from the 1980s- or older era. Technology, relibilty and riding characteristics are in most cases contemporar, though.

Ducati Scrambler, BMW R-Nine and Triumph Thruxton are exemples of bikes in the Retro-category.

BMW R nineT

Supermotard has its orgin as a french motorcycle sport where one is racing on circuits which consists of both tarmac, gravel and jumps. Supermotard-motorcycles therefore reminds of Enduro-bikes, the biggest difference is that a Supermotard-motorcycle has firmer suspension and smaller wheels.

Exampel of Supermotard-bikes are KTM Duke, Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and KTM 690 SMC.


Supermoto Supermotos has much in common with supermotards, one could say that the bikes in the Supermoto-category are overgrown Supermotard-bikes. The supermotos are heavier, have bigger and stronger engines and usually offers more long-distance comfort than the supermotard bikes. The supermotard DNA still exists in the Supermotos though, even if they are more practical for everyday use, like commuting etc.

Examples of bikes in the Supermoto-category are Ducati Hypermotard, Aprilia Dorsoduro, KTM 990 Supermoto T and BMW HP2 Megamoto.

Ducati Hypermotard

Enduro motocycles are built to work well in the terrain. These bikes have a lot in common with motocross-motorcycles, the main differences are that enduro-bikes usually has softer suspension wich is more suited for mud and trails in the forest and that they are equipped with lights and indicators wich make them road-legal.

Examples of enduro-bikes are KTM 450 SMR, Yamaha WR 250 R and Honda CRF 450 RX.

Yamaha WR 250 R

Motocross-bikes are designed to work well on packed sand and high jumps. The suspension is firmer than on the enduro-bikes, they also lack lights and indicators, which make them illegal on public roads.

Examples of motocross-bikes are Yamaha YZ, Honda CR, Kawasaki KX and Suzuki RM.

Trial is a motorcycle-sport where the course consists of different kinds of obstacles. The obstacles in the course may be of natural or constructed elements.

Example of trial-motorcycles are KTM Freeride and Montesa 4Ride.

Montesa 4Ride

A1 motorcycles
The motorcycles in this category are allowed to be used with the European A1-riding license, which means maximum 125 cc and maximum 15 hp. Other than that, the bikes in ths category can be anything from a cruiser to a sport-bike.

Example of bikes in this category are Aprilia RS 125, Honda CB 125 and KTM 125 Duke.

Aprilia RS4 125 4T

Electric motorcycles
The (only) thing the bikes in this category have in common are that they are equiped with an electic motor - other than that they can be anything from a sports-bike to an enduro-bike.

Example of bikes in this category are KTM Freeride E and Zero DS ZF6.

Zero DS ZF6

Motorcycle sidecars
The only manufactor of motorcycle sidecars today is Ural.

Examples of motorcycle sidecar are Ural Ranger and Ural Retro.

The motorcycles in this category are modified for the racetrack allready from the factory. They are based on their supersport-brothers but have been stripped from lights, indicators and all other unnecessary things that you don't need on a racetrack. These bikes are obvisusly not road-legal - race only.

Exempel på motorcycles in this category are Aprilia RSV4 R-FW and KTM RC8 R Track.

Aprilia RSV4 R-FW